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Online versus retail: the ultimate showdown.

3 février 2017

Introducing first, the defending champion: providing Canadians with fast and accurate tax preparation services for more than 50 years, is H&R Block’s retail offices. And in the online corner, the challenger: a newer way to do your taxes yourself, online from your computer or mobile device, is the H&R Block Online Tax Software.

How do you choose which option to help you get what’s yours this tax season? Here’s the showdown between the two so you can decide what works for you.

H&R Block Retail Office

Equipped with the best Tax Experts, H&R Block retail locations are a great option if you prefer to work face-to-face when completing your tax return. By choosing to work with one of our Tax Experts, you will be able to:

  • Have access to industry leading services including Instant Cash Back and Pay with Refund
  • Work with the most qualified tax experts available, as they’re trained on the latest tax changes each year, with specialties to suit your tax situation
  • Have a personalized interview about your tax situation, followed by a free estimate
  • Find a Tax Expert at one of more than 1,200 offices across Canada
  • Have confidence in your tax return knowing it’s backed by our Maximum Refund Guarantee and Peace of Mind® Extended Service Plan
  • If you get audited, an H&R Block tax expert will help you respond and represent you to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If you owe additional taxes due to our error in the preparation of your return, we'll cover up to $3,000
  • Get a free Second Look by one of our Tax Experts to find any missed deductions or credits on up to three of your past returns – regardless of who prepared them

H&R Block Online Tax Software

If you want to have more flexibility for when and where you file, then the H&R Block Online Tax Software may suit you best. It’s the easiest to use and most thorough free option on the market. With H&R Block’s Online Tax Software you can:

  • Prepare your taxes online with a computer or mobile device
  • Complete and file your taxes for free – yes FREE!
  • Import your tax data from competitive software with one simple click
  • Receive step-by-step guidance while you prepare your return for free – this option is exclusively available from H&R Block
  • Choose to purchase add-on services such as Expert Review – where an H&R Block Tax Expert reviews your return with you over the phone
  • Switch between devices and toggle from one return to another
  • Track your refund amount in real time, with our Refund-O-Meter™, as you complete the process
  • Get your refund in as little as 8 days
  • Maximum Refund Guarantee - Getting you the largest refund possible is a top priority for us. That’s why our software is built, managed and updated by our Tax Experts to catch every possible credit and deduction you’re entitled to.
  • Be confident you’re getting everything that’s yours as H&R Block offers a maximum refund guarantee and 100% accuracy guarantee
  • If you find another tax software that finds you a larger refund (or smaller liability) than our software calculated, we will reimburse you the purchase price of that other method
  • Submit your return directly to the CRA and RQ from your computer or mobile device and get your refund in as few as eight days
  • So there you have it, and it’s not a knockout fight. Depending on your budget, time and resources, you should decide what works for you. But either way, H&R Block has got you covered.

    Have more questions?

    Come in and chat with a Tax Expert at an H&R Block office near you. Ready to file? Do it yourself with our free online software.

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