File now. Pay later.

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Introducing H&R Block's Pay With Refund®.

File now. Pay later with H&R Block's Pay With Refund. If you're getting a refund, you could qualify. Rather than paying out-of-pocket fees we'll simply deduct your tax preparation fee from your refund.

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Reasons to try H&R Block Pay With Refund®.

  • No tax preparation fees required up front
  • No need to return to our office
  • No out-of-pocket fees
  • Convenient way to receive your refund

Get your refund.

When you choose H&R Block Pay With Refund® your refund can be loaded onto an H&R Block Advantage Prepaid Mastercard® or deposited through email money transfer. You'll receive email or text updates throughout the entire process and when your money becomes available!

In order to qualify for the H&R Block Pay With Refund® service in connection with the preparation and filing of your T1 (personal) tax return through an H&R Block office:

(a) the total amount of your federal and/or provincial tax refund, together with any recurring monthly Trillium payments and any quarterly GST/HST payments which you are likely to receive within the next twelve months, must be greater than the total amount of your H&R Block tax preparation fees; and

(b) you must be of the legal age of majority in your province or territory of residence.

See here for terms & conditions.

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