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Students file from $39.99+filing fee*

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The average student refund was more than $1,100. Stop by H&R Block and file your taxes for less. You can file for as little as $39.99 + filing fee.

Our trained Tax Experts make sure you get every student specific credit and deduction you deserve to help maximize your refund.

Claim your tuition properly.

Track down your T2202A form - every student receives one and it outlines all the tuition fees you paid for the year. It helps full and part-time students calculate the education amount, which is based on how many months you were in school. Hang on to your T2202A because without it, you can’t claim tuition and education amounts.

Ensure you claim your Textbook Tax Credit.

Your T2202A is used to confirm your eligibility for textbook amounts. We know that you’re already keeping track of paperwork and deadlines for school, but holding onto your receipts and government documents will make filing that much easier.

Transfer unused tuition and education credits.

If you don’t need to use the full amount of your credits this year, then you can either transfer the unused portion to a parent/grandparent, or carry it forward to claim the credits in future years. Alternatively, you've got the option to transfer the unused portion to your partner if you're married or living common-law.

Take advantage of the Public Transit Tax Credit.

If you used transit regularly to get to school, keep your passes and receipts. Transit passes of a month or longer are eligible for the credit, as well as weekly passes that were purchased four weeks in a row. If your town has an electronic payment system, these cards also qualify if you purchased at least 32 one-way trips, 31 days in a row.