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How we became industry experts

In the late 1940s, Henry and Richard Bloch founded the United Business Company, specializing in income tax return preparation for small businesses in Kansas City, Missouri. In addition, they offered individual income tax services to the executives of their client companies. As word spread, business grew.

With the brothers recognizing their tax preparation services as a sound business venture, they rebranded themselves as H&R Block Inc. in 1955, with Henry as president and chief executive officer and Richard as chairman of the board.

What makes us a Canadian leader?

Our growth in Canada has been tremendous. We serve taxpayers in nearly 1,000 offices across the country, with a team of Tax Experts using the latest technology to prepare all types of returns, including personal, small business, corporate, farm, trucker, fishing, U.S., rental, and estate. With offices across North America and in 13 foreign countries, we're able to prepare tax returns for all Canadians no matter where they are.

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We train the experts

Our Tax Experts are trained through our highly-regarded H&R Block Tax Academy™. For over seventy hours, they prepare for every type of tax situation, so they can be ready for you when you walk through the door - or call.

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Our Company

At H&R Block, we have the expertise to handle all tax situations, with nearly 1,000 locations from coast to coast.


We have over 60 years of expertise, proudly serving Canadians from every corner of the country.

Tax Academy Course

Enroll in an income tax course and see what it takes to become a Tax Expert.

Media Inquiries

H&R Block spokespeople are available for media interviews across Canada year-round.

Franchise Opportunities

Explore the potential of bringing expert tax services to more Canadians.

Corporate Social Responsibility

H&R Block works with shelters and nonprofits to provide free, on-site tax preparation services.

Sell your business

Ready to retire or looking to create an exit strategy from your Tax Services business?


Becoming an H&R Block associate means growing with the strongest tax preparation team in the industry.

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