H&R Block's Instant Refund™

Visit a Tax Expert to see if you qualify for H&R Block’s Instant Refund®.

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What is an Instant Refund®?

At H&R Block, we offer an instant tax refund where you get an advance on your expected refund amount. With an Instant Refund, you don’t have to wait 2 to 8 weeks for the CRA to process your return. You get what you’re owed right away.

Why get an Instant Refund?


It’s immediate

You’ll get your cash instantly with no waiting time at all.


It’s affordable

Your Instant Refund® fee at H&R Block also covers the tax preparation cost of using our Tax Experts – so you save and can be certain to get your maximum refund... instantly!



There’s no credit check required. That means you don’t have to worry about an Instant Refund® ever affecting your credit scores.

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How does an Instant Refund® work?

Do your taxes with a Tax Expert at H&R Block and you can get your refund instantly – all while counting on our proven track record and experience. After we confirm your eligibility for an Instant Refund®, we’ll let you know your estimated refund amount and process your refund that same day. No waiting required.

  • Ensuring you have no debt with the CRA
  • That you have a refund of more than $600

Then we’ll submit your taxes to the CRA. Once the CRA provides the return, the money will be sent to H&R Block to pay back the advance.

How does an Instant Refund® work?

The fees paid for an Instant Refund® at H&R Block are regulated by the Federal Government of Canada:

  • 15% on the first $300 of your refund
  • 5% on the rest

You can use our calculator to see the cost of an Instant Refund®.

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Am I eligible for an Instant Refund®?

Let our Tax Experts help you see if you qualify for an H&R Block Instant Refund®. In Quebec, H&R Block’s Instant Refund® is valid only on the federal portion of your tax return. Some restrictions apply.

Instant Refund® FAQs

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