Fighting poverty with taxes.

Simply filing a tax return can be an important first step to moving many Canadians out of poverty.


Free tax filing.

H&R Block is committed to reducing poverty across the country. As Canada’s leading provider of tax services, we help people in need file their taxes accurately and on time by offering free tax filing in partnership with select organizations.

Every year, those living in poverty miss out on benefits.

  • Nearly 10% of Canadians are living below the Low Income Cut Off

  • Filing taxes is essential to access important government tax credits and programs: GST/HST credit, Employment Insurance, the Canada Child Benefit, disability credits, etc.
  • Challenges like not having a mailing address, government ID or access to a computer can prevent them from filing.


You can help.

If you’re an organization who helps Canadians living in poverty and would like to host free tax filing at your location(s), please contact us at this email address: Only those who match our criteria will be contacted.

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