H&R Block Online FAQs

Find out how many returns you can file, how long it will take to file, and what the system requirements are for the program.

  • Can I electronically file or print & file my tax return with your tax software today?

    You can use our software to prepare your tax returns for FREE today. The CRA has NETFILE certified all H&R Block Tax Software products for 2014 tax returns. File today!

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  • What type of computer do I need to use H&R Block Online Tax Software?

    For optimal performance, we recommend a laptop, tablet or desktop computer with these settings:

    System Requirement
    Internet Explorer 10 or later, Mozilla Firefox 30(P2) or later, Google Chrome
    Safari 6.1.5 or later, Mozilla Firefox 30 (P2), Google Chrome
    High-speed Internet connection recommended
    High-speed Internet connection recommended

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  • Can I use my tablet or phone to do my taxes?

    Yes! H&R Block Online Tax Software is the only tax software in Canada you can use to prepare and file your taxes on your smartphone or tablet, in addition to your computer. For example, register for a new account on your phone, sign in and enter your personal information on your tablet, then finish preparing and file your taxes on your computer. It doesn't matter what you use, from start to finish, the choice is yours.

    We officially support iPhone or iPad's Safari Internet browser and the Chrome browser on most Android phones and tablets from manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Acer and more.

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  • What type of tax returns can I prepare?

    H&R Block Online Tax Software can be used for all personal tax situations for all provinces and territories in Canada, including Quebec.

    Some exclusions apply:

    • Bankruptcy returns
    • Form T1273 - Harmonized AgriStability/AgriInvest programs

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  • How many returns can I file?

    You can prepare as many returns as you like with H&R Block Online Tax Software but the CRA will only allow you to file a maximum of 20 returns at one time.

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  • Can I carry forward my tax return information from last year?

    H&R Block Online Tax Software will allow you to save time by importing your tax return data last year if you prepared it with:

    • Turbo Tax® desktop software
    • U-File® desktop software
    • H&R Block Online Tax Software

    You cannot carry forward to H&R Block Online if you did your taxes with the online versions of TurboTax® or U-File®.

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  • What is Tax Protection?

    No matter how accurately you complete your taxes, government agencies may review the deductions and credits you claimed, audit your return or require more information before they process it. With Tax Protection, our Tax Professionals will handle everything for you. For an optional fee of $9.99 per return, you can securely store your tax return with H&R Block for seven years, and have one of our Tax Professionals help you through the assessment or audit review process with CRA.

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  • What is a Tax Pro review?

    One of our trained Tax Professionals will conduct an in-depth review your return to find credits and deductions you may have missed which could decrease the amount you owe or get you a larger refund. You will be presented with an opportunity before you file your tax return to have a professional review your tax return for an extra fee. This service is optional.

    Should you want to, there are two ways you can get a Tax Pro Review done - choose the one that works best for you:

    (Coming Soon)
    Add a Remote Tax Pro Review for $34.99/return (regardless of return complexity).
    Add In-person Tax Pro Review from $59.99/return (regardless of return complexity).

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  • How long will it take to prepare my tax return?

    It depends on how much information you have to enter, however a simple tax return can be completed in just 15 minutes.

    The good news is you don't have to finish your tax return in one single session. You can save your information at any time and finish later.

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  • Can I file my tax return electronically?

    Yes. Each year H&R Block Online Tax Software is certified by the CRA and Revenu Québec (RQ) to submit tax returns electronically. This electronic process is called NETFILE and can be completed from directly within the online program.

    NETFILE is a free, secure tax-filing option provided by the CRA and RQ that allows you to file your tax return electronically if you're using a NETFILE-certified product like H&R Block's Online Tax Software.

    When you use NETFILE, you:

    • Can get your refund fast - in as few as 8 business days
    • Save paper because you won't need to print off your tax return
    • Get immediate confirmation that the government agency has received your return
    • Prevent inaccuracies because government agencies won't need to re-key your data

    NETFILE allows you to put away your pen and paper and submit your tax return electronically - quickly, confidently and accurately.

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  • I live in Ontario and want to claim the OTB. Where do I enter this in your program?

    Here are the quick and easy steps for claiming the OTB:

    1. Under the Prepare tab at the top of the page, select Other Expenses & Deductions.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Ontario benefits. Click Save and Continue to move on.
    3. Now select Yes to the question Are you applying for the Ontario trillium benefit? On the Ontario benefits page.
    4. Fill in any boxes that apply to you.

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  • I paid student loan interest last year. How do I claim this?

    1. Under Your year in Review, click I paid tuition or interest on a student loan. Click on Save and Continue on the bottom left of the screen.
    2. Click on Students under the Prepare tab at the top of the page.
    3. Select Student loan interest paid in 2014 and then Save and Continue.
    4. Enter the student loan interest you paid.

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  • I am self-employed. Where do I enter my income and expenses in the software?

    1. Click I was self-employed (worked for myself) under Your year in review.
    2. Select the Province or Territory in which you were self-employed.
    3. Click Save and Continue.
    4. Select Statement of Business or Professional activities under Employment & Self-Employment.
    5. Click Save and Continue.
    6. Click Add Business under T2125 Statement of business or professional activities.
    7. Enter all required information.

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  • I worked two jobs last year. How do I enter my two T4s? Do I just add them together?

    You need to enter each of your T4s individually like this:

    1. Click T4(s) under Employment then click on the Save and Continue button on the bottom left of the screen
    2. Click Add Employment under T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid
    3. Enter your first T4 and then click the Save and Continue button
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each you T4 you have.

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