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H&R Block Pay With Refund1

Let your refund pay for your tax preparation. Learn more

Instant Cash Back®2

With Instant Cash Back®2, you could get your refund instantly. Learn more

H&R Block Advantage Prepaid Visa® Card

The flexible-use card that gives you instant access to your refund. Learn more

Do It Yourself

Prepare your own taxes online or download our software, and file for FREE.Learn more


H&R Block will help prepare your Canadian taxes for while you're out of country. Simply complete the form here and upon reception via fax, an H&R Block Tax Expert will guide you through the return process.

Drop Offs

This service is available for all personal tax returns including U.S., as well as for T2 corporate returns. It allows the client to leave his tax information and return at a later date to complete the tax return.


Our Tax Experts can help you get every eligible student specific credit and decution available to help maximize your refund3. Learn more

Free Second Look4

We'll review your previous returns to find money others missed.Learn more

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