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Simplify the tax-filing process.

Take advantage of a simple, user-friendly software that guides you through the tax filing process step-by-step, reducing the risk of making a mistake.

File with Confidence.

Whether you’re a student, part-time worker, or just starting your first full-time job, H&R Block's free filing offer makes it easy for you to get your taxes done accurately and efficiently.

Get the tax credits you're eligible for.

Filing your taxes can make you eligible for various benefits and credits. Claim all the credits and deductions you're eligible for, so you can maximize your refund.

Stress-free Filing.

Filing taxes can be intimidating, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. Our tax software makes the experience smooth and stress-free for young taxpayers.

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Tax Year 2022

Select all that apply to build your tax return

  • Employment

    expenses & other income

  • Self-employed

    income & expenses

  • Unemployment

    & pension income

  • Investment

    income & expenses

  • Pension

    contributions & expenses

  • RRSP


  • Tuition

    exam fees & student loans

  • Dependants

    expenses & transfers

  • Medical

    expenses not on a slip

  • Donations

    and gifts not on a slip

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Tax Year 2022


$0.00/ per return

For simple tax returns only

Automatic tax return optimizations and overrides
Claim employment income on T slips, and RL slips
Claim tuition, scholarships, grants, and other student credits
Claim RRSP contributions
Claim COVID-19 benefits and repayments
SAVE 100%


$19.99$0.00/ per return

Maximize tax deductions and credits

All Free Features
Claim donations, and medical expenses
Personalized tax saving suggestions
Claim employment expenses
Claim dependent transfers and credits
SAVE 100%


$34.99$0.00 / per return

If you are self-employed, an investor, a business owner or gig-worker

All Free Features
All Deluxe Features
Claim rental property income expenses
Claim capital gains and losses
Claim foreign income
Self-Employed Tax Toolkit INCLUDED
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