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Career development.

Gain a solid foundation that can lead to a fulfilling career in tax preparation with H&R Block. Learn tax theory, current tax laws and filing practices.

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Our online classes are available at convenient times that work with your schedule. Total course time is 72 hours.

Unique approach.

In our guided online classroom setting, the course includes tax theory and hands-on interactive learning with the latest tax preparation software. You’ll complete real-world tax preparation exercises and receive live one-on-one instructor assistance.++

Already an experienced Tax Expert?

We have tools that will help further develop your career in advanced tax preparation and allow you to specialize in areas like corporate taxes, U.S. taxes and other tax preparation areas. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of working at one of more than 1,000+ office locations.

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Here’s everything you’ll learn in our online tax course.

  • Overview of the Canadian income tax system
  • Income from employment
  • Support payments
  • RRSPs and other registered plans
  • Union & professional dues
  • Child care expenses
  • Moving expenses
  • Calculations of tax and credits
  • Investment income and expenses
  • Sale of Principal Residence Reporting
  • Social benefits & other amounts
  • Health care expenses & the Disability Tax Credit
  • Taxation and family situations
  • Filing for Students
  • Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit
  • Home accessibility expenses
  • Senior citizens & pension income splitting
  • GST, Canada Child Benefit & the Working Income tax benefit

Total time: 72 hours

Working at Block.

Join the leaders in the business.

Build Your Career.

Once you complete Income Tax Level 1, you could have the opportunity to interview for employment at an H&R Block office near you. If you're hired you'll enjoy a career that offers a flexible schedule where you can build your client list and advance your career through our continuing education program. It's a dynamic career that works with your goals, and lifestyle.

Work and Grow with Us.

We have the tools that will help further develop your career in advanced tax preparation and allow you to specialize in areas like corporate taxes, U.S. taxes and other tax preparation areas. You'll also enjoy the convenience of working at one of more than 1,000+ office locations.

Learn and Earn.

Continuing education helps our employees build on their existing tax expertise, specialize their skills, enhance their careers and potentially make more money. Upper-level courses are led by our best Tax Experts, who cover a variety of topics.

Tax Academy Q&A Session

Want more information before you register for class? Ask your questions directly to our District Managers during these Q&A sessions below. Select a time that works for you.

English Session

  • Dec 29th: 5 - 6pm MST (7 - 8pm EST) - Sign Up Here
  • French Session

  • Dec 30th: 5 - 6pm MST (7 - 8pm EST) - Sign Up Here
  • Registration FAQs.

    Everyone. Most all people of all ages, from all walks of life take our course. With a wide range of flexible class times and locations, it's a great opportunity whether you're working full-time, retired, a stay-at-home parent, or a college student.

    H&R Block Tax AcademyTM runs mid-September to mid-December. Specific dates for the Income Tax Level 1 course will be listed with the schedule of the class you have chosen to attend. Registration is now open.

    Registration is accepted online right up until the class start time, pending class space availability.

    The Fundamentals of Income Tax Level 1 course is $299, plus applicable taxes.
    Full payment is due at the time of registration. You can pay online with a credit card, Visa/MasterCard debit, or with a prepaid credit card. Full refunds are available for withdrawals that are ten or more days in advance of the class start date.
    Tuition includes all books and materials, which will be delivered online. All you need to bring is a pencil and a willingness to learn. Calculators are recommended, but not required. During the course you can download the materials to your mobile device or tablet. Once your online session is complete, you will no longer have access to the course materials.
    You must be at least 18 years of age at the time of enrollment to enroll in Income Tax Level 1.
    No, a college diploma or university degree is not required to register for the course.

    No credit for previous education or training is offered. Credits earned at our H&R Block Tax AcademyTM may not transfer to another educational institution.

    H&R Block Tax AcademyTM runs online mid-September to mid-December. Specific dates for the Income Tax Level 1 course will be listed with the schedule of the class you have chosen to attend. Registration is now open.

    Our user-friendly online registration starts on August 1, 2020. To register in person or over the phone, contact a local office.

    Course FAQs

    We provide 42 hours of tax theory training online followed by 6 hours of testing and 30 hours of hands-on software training.
    Tax Academy is a fully online course. It begins with guided classroom discussion on tax theory, followed by computer-based learning with tax preparation software. There is directed discussion with custom-designed textbooks and exercises to reinforce the material.
    Course instructors are experienced H&R Block Tax Experts who are chosen based on their experience and specialized training they have completed.
    Yes, courses are taught in English and French in certain locations, and the instructor will be able to answer questions in the respective language of the course. Course materials will be provided in both English and French and course exams will be offered in both languages.
    The Income Tax Level 1 course covers basic tax preparation and gives you the foundation needed to prepare a tax return.
    The course consists of 78 hours of instruction which includes instructor led sessions, covering tax theory and tax preparation software and practice sessions. Additional time commitments outside of class homework will vary by student. Some examples of additional time spent outside the classroom may include: tutoring to understand more complex tax concepts, participating in study groups and completing generally assigned homework.The Income Tax Level 1 course starts with a foundation of tax theory where concepts build upon each other. Students are encouraged to actively participate in classroom discussions to understand concepts and ideas as early as possible. Issues with foundational topics should be addressed prior to moving on to other topics. Basic computer skills and reliable internet access are required.

    Generally twice a week for 11 weeks in three-hour online sessions, or once a week for six hours if you choose a weekend class. Click here for classes specific to your preferred location.

    New for 2020 H&R Block Tax Academy will be taught fully online.

    Click here for classes times.
    Yes, you will be logging in to the training sessions from your home computers and should have access to a Personal Computer with the following:
  • Computer Processor must be a personal computer with a minimum 1.2GHz or better processor.
  • Operating system must be Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1,or Windows 10.
  • Speakers and/or headset enabled.
  • Internet Browser “Chrome v.81+” – latest version of Chrome.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC v.20.009 or greater (latest version).
  • Memory space must be a minimum of 512MB or RAM.
  • If you miss a class, you can usually make it up at another time that week.
    If you attend, participate, do the homework, and listen to the instructor, you should have no problem succeeding.
    Yes. For every hour of class, expect an hour of work on your own.
    Around 30 students, but it never exceeds 50 students per online class.
    Depending on when you cancel, you may lose your registration and course fees. Contact your instructor or local office to find out more.
    Certificates of Accomplishment are given to students with a minimum grade of 70%. You're graded on assignments and the final exam.

    Career FAQs

    Upon successful completion of the Income Tax Level 1 course, you'll be eligible to apply for employment at H&R Block. All of our Tax Experts and instructors started their careers with this course. However, successful completion of the course does not guarantee employment at H&R Block.
    If you're hired as a Tax Expert, you can expect the opportunity to set a flexible schedule, build up your clientele and advance your career through continuing education. H&R Block offers seasonal and year-round opportunities depending on your skills and location.

    The first step in employment at H&R Block is successfully completing the Income Tax Level 1 course. During the course, you'll learn more about employment and career development opportunities at H&R Block. To register for the course, click here.

    General questions

    Yes. College and university courses provide tax theory, but our course helps you apply it.
    Each fall our H&R Block Tax AcademyTM offers a number of advanced courses and our returning Tax Experts can advance their career and earning potential by taking these courses. These courses are not available to the public.
    With the Income Tax Level 1 Course, you can learn how to prepare taxes like a pro. Convenient locations and class times mean you'll learn from the best, with a schedule that works for you.
    Over the past 20 years, we've trained more than one million North Americans to prepare taxes. As a tax training leader, it's the quality of our courses and record for reliability and accuracy that ensures you get the best training possible.

    For more information on H&R Block Tax AcademyTM

    Or email tac.east@hrblock.ca or tac.quebec@hrblock.ca for more information.