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Tax Software Maximum Refund Guarantee

If you are a registered user of HRB tax software and you or someone whose tax return you prepare receives a larger refund or pays a smaller tax due amount by you using another home tax preparation software than that calculated by the HRB tax software, Block will reimburse you the purchase price or license fee for that other software. Reimbursement will be for the minimum purchase price or license fee which allowed you to file. All other fees are excluded, including software upgrades, audit protection, tax pro review and other support services and similar add-ons.To qualify for reimbursement, the larger refund or smaller tax due may not be due to variations in data supplied by you, your choice not to claim a deduction or credit, or positions taken by you or the taxpayer that are contrary to the law. You must notify Block and submit a written claim within sixty (60) days of the date you purchased the software for which you are claiming reimbursement. Your written claim must include a hardcopy of the applicable tax return prepared with the HRB tax software, a hardcopy of the applicable tax return from the other home tax preparation software, a dated receipt for the purchase of the other software, and any other materials and information that Block may reasonably request to evaluate and verify your claim. You authorize Block to obtain and review any data files that may be in Block's possession or control as well as any materials provided by you in order to evaluate and verify your claim. Block is not responsible nor liable for paying any additional tax liability that you or the taxpayer may owe other than as expressly stated herein. You are solely responsible and liable for providing assistance and additional information as reasonably requested by Block.

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