H&R Block Easy Drop-OffTM service.

Drop off your taxes when it works for you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Quick and convenient.

Always on the go? Take advantage of our Easy Drop-OffTM service. Simply get your forms in order and leave them at an H&R Block office near you.

How it Works.

Convenient filing in a few easy steps.


1. Drop off your paperwork.

Fill out all the forms below, and gather your slips and receipts using the following checklist. You’ll also need your identification when you drop everything off.

If you’ve filed with us before, feel free to request a specific Tax Expert that you like to work with to handle your return.

2. Schedule a quick follow-up appointment.

Our Tax Experts will contact you for a brief interview and schedule an appointment to review your completed return.


3. You’re done!

Discuss convenient payment options.

We’re close.

Thanks to our more than 500 locations across the country, you don’t have to travel far to use our Easy Drop-Off ServiceTM.

The H&R Block Advantage.

We’ll find the best tax solution for you, year-round. With our Maximum Refund Guarantee and Audit Assistance, we’re there to help every step of the way.