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Whether you'd like to file with the help of one of our Tax Experts or do your taxes yourself by filing online with our software, H&R Block has you covered this tax season. These exclusive offers could help you save!

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Save up to 50%

As Courier on the Skip network, you are eligible for special Flat Rate Pricing* and can save up to 50%** off your tax preparation fee. File before March 16th for the biggest savings! To redeem, you must present a coupon.

January 1 to March 15

March 16 to April 14

April 15 to December 31

How it works

Book an appointment with a Tax Expert, upload your documents securely from home and a Remote Tax Expert will prepare and file your return, or drop your documents off at an office.

Include a copy of your discount coupon with your documents to save.

Let our tax experts maximize your return before they file it.

Tax Software

Save 20%

It’s easy and accurate. Plus, Couriers on the Skip network also receive 20% off any 2023 H&R Block Online Tax Software paid products with promo code:


How it works

Start your return online whenever it suits you.

The software will guide you step by step in preparing your return, and will automatically optimize your return.

Enter your exclusive discount code and file electronically.

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Check out Your Reporting Guide.

Looking for more information on your specific tax scenario? Your reporting guide explains reporting income, expenses and vehicle cost, record keeping, Canada Workers Benefit, GST/HST, income tax instalment payments and filing as a new Canadian.

Courier Reporting Guide

Want to know more?

We developed a webinar intended to help you prepare to file your taxes. Complete with a live question and answer period, it covered everything you need to know to get the most out of your tax return.

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Click the link below to view the recorded webinar:

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