Where’s my refund at? Find out with My Account.

November 30, 2016

You kept your receipts, organized your slips and basically aced filing your return this year. Now that it’s out of your hands and the CRA’s (Canada Revenue Agency) you can’t help but feel a little out of the loop. You’re anxiously waiting to hear from the CRA, and checking your bank account daily to see if your refund has been deposited. You might have even received a confirmation notice, but has your return been reviewed yet? The suspense is killing us, too.

Take some of the guesswork out of when to expect your refund by signing up with the CRA’s My Account. You’ve always wanted a Personal Assistant, and though it can’t order your sushi, My Account definitely helps you stay organized. This online system lets you keep an eye on your return and gives you handy status updates (that you’ll actually care about). It also gives you access to all of your T-slips, so if your T4 happens to go missing, you can download a copy, and even go back and take a look at your T-slips from other years. You can use My Account to track your return as it’s being processed, and even review the history of all your interactions with the CRA.

Stay in-the-know with My Account

My Account has the scoop on pretty much everything and anything related to your returns, so it’s basically your new tax BFF. Not only will it tell you the current status of your most recent return, it has all the details of any returns from the previous nine years, including your TFSA and RRSP limits.

My Account is also a one-stop shop for any tax tasks that might pop up down the road. If you happened to find a mistake on one of your returns, you can login and file an adjustment. You can also update your contact info, marital status, or change your direct deposit/pre-authorized payment information. Being able to access your returns, T-slips, credits and benefits and RRSP statements all in one location gives you a clear picture of your income and benefits, so you don’t miss out on any extra dollars.

Sign me up!

Registering for My Account is a good call, but be prepared for a little bit of lag time, because you can’t sign up for My Account in one day. Once you sign up online, the CRA will mail you an access code and login details. Once you do log on, you can start making the most of the info the CRA provides, like reviewing your filing history and checking the status of your refund you’ve been waiting for. Check out the app, for key portions of your tax information right at your fingertips from your smartphone.

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