In 2023, here are the key tax dates you should keep an eye on.

24 janvier 2023

We’ve compiled for you all the most important tax dates and deadlines to ensure you’re prepared for tax season and file on time!


Check on your CRA My Account or create one if you don’t already have one. This way, you have lots of time to ensure your information is up to date in the system. It takes a few days to get your account verification code, so this gives you plenty of time before the busy tax season really kicks off.


The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenue Québec will open NETFILE and ReFILE services for tax year 2022 on February 20th, 2023. This means, you’ll be able to file your tax return online starting mid-end of February.

You likely won’t receive your T-slips from your employer or from other income right at this time, but you’ll receive shortly. Now is a great time to get organized.


The RRSP contribution deadline is March 1st, 2023, so check your 2021 Notice of Assessment to determine if you have additional room in your RRSP to make any last-minute contributions to your RRSP.

March is a great time to file your taxes so you can get your refund as quickly as possible or have time to make a gameplan on how you’ll pay back any taxes owed.


You thought we skipped April – typically the most important tax month as taxes are historically due then, but since the last day of April falls on a weekend this year, taxes are actually due Monday, May 1st, 2023.

Any taxes owing balance is due today too. Even for those self-employed and therefore not required to file until June 15th – your taxes owing balance is due to be paid today too.


We sort of spoiled the surprise above, but June 15th, 2023, is the tax filing deadline for those self-employed.

If you have any questions about when and how to file your taxes, H&R Block Tax Experts are here to help! Find an office near you to book an appointment today.

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