If you realized you made a mistake on your tax return, this is for you.

1 mai 2024

Looking back on your tax returns and something isn’t sitting right. Then it hits you – you made a mistake on your taxes, and you’ve already filed. Though panic might hit you right away, don’t fret – there are several things you can do to correct this mistake.

The CRA offers a program called ReFILE, where people can electronically refile previous taxes with a mistake corrected. This can go back as far as 4 tax seasons. However, if you want to request an adjustment to your return to get a refund, you can use the CRA’s online change my return service and go as far back as 10 tax seasons. You can log into your CRA My Account, or you can work with a Tax Expert at H&R Block to help you.

You can also request changes to your return by mail, but the wait time is at minimum 8 weeks. You’ll hear from the CRA by way of a Notice of Reassessment. This will show you what your new return amounts look like. They could ask additional questions, or they might disagree with your update, but they’ll let you know how they’ve proceeded to review your return in a letter.

The CRA also has a program called the Voluntary Disclosure Program. If you come to them before they come to you with an error you’ve caught, and will therefore owe taxes, they’ll evaluate your situation on a case-by-case basis to try to help you avoid penalties for misrepresented tax filing.

If you have any questions about how to correct a mistake on your tax return, H&R Block Tax Experts are here to help! Find an office near you to book an appointment today.

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