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How do I change my return? Everything you need to know about ReFILE.

April 15, 2022

Sometimes it feels like there’s always one little thing that got left behind, whether it’s your wallet, an important letter for the mail, or even a late slip you forgot to include in your return. These things happen. If you find yourself in this scenario, relax! You can change a return you already filed with the ReFILE feature.

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What is ReFILE?

ReFILE is an online tax service that lets you make changes or adjustments to your filed returns and then submit them to the government through the tax software you used to prepare them.

ReFILE is a quick, simple, and efficient way to adjust your returns (no postage or paper required!) and it’s also available in H&R Block’s Do It Yourself tax software!

Some of the common situations where you might want to ReFILE your return include:

  • You got a late slip (e.g. RRSP contribution slip) that you didn't include in your original return
  • You forgot to include a source of income in your original return
  • You forgot to claim a deduction or credit that you are entitled to

You can use ReFILE to directly send any changes and adjustments for your 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018 returns. Additionally, the ReFILE service can send adjustments safely and securely to both the CRA and Revenu Québec.

You can only ReFILE your return once you’ve received your notice of assessment (NOA) from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec (if applicable), and only if your original return was filed electronically. Check out this blog to learn about NETFILE.

Can I ReFILE my Québec return?

Yes! If you need to change your Québec return (TP-1), you can use ReFILE to adjust and submit your return electronically. Keep in mind, to ReFILE your return, you must have submitted your original Revenu Québec return through NETIFLE. You also have to wait until you’ve received your notice of assessment (NOA) from Revenu Québec before you can ReFILE your return.

Can I use ReFILE to update my personal information?

No, you can’t use ReFile to adjust or change personal information such as your:

  • marital status
  • address
  • direct deposit details
  • email address

Depending on what information you want to change, you might be able to change this information in your CRA My Account, Revenu Québec My Account for Individuals, CRA My Business Account, by phone, or by mail.

For more information on how to change the information you have on file, visit the CRA website.

For Québec residents, visit the Revenu Québec website for more information on how to update your personal information.

Why can’t I ReFILE my return?

You can’t use ReFILE to change your return if:

  • Your original return was filed by mail
  • Your original return hasn’t been assessed yet

Note: Your 2021 return has been assessed if you’ve received a notice of assessment (NOA) for it (through the Express Notice of Assessment (eNOA) service, My Account, or mail)

  • You have a reassessment that’s in progress
  • You’re applying for child and family benefits
  • You’re applying for the disability tax credit
  • You changed an amount carried back to a previous year, such as a capital or non-capital loss
  • You immigrated to Canada in 2021
  • You're splitting pension income or changed an amount related to pension income splitting
  • You’re allocating a refund to other CRA accounts
  • You’re subject to income tax for more than one province or territory
  • Your original return was filed by the CRA as an arbitrary assessment*
  • You’re amending an election or making an election (such as one on the T2057: Election on disposition of property by a taxpayer to a taxable Canadian corporation form)

* An arbitrary assessment (also can be called a notional assessment) is when you don’t file your taxes and ignore the CRA’s request asking you to file your return. The CRA will then file your taxes for you with previous information they have on hand.

How many times can I change my return?

There’s a limit on how many times you change your return online. It doesn’t matter if you, a service provider (like H&R Block) or even the CRA makes the adjustment, ReFILE can only accept up to 9 adjustments per return for each tax year. This means you can change each return up to 9 times online.

What happens if you hit your limit? If you try to change your return online more than 9 times, you’ll get an automated response saying your limit has been reached with instructions on how to mail your request instead. You can always make more requests by mailing the T1 adjustment request form to the CRA. If you’re a Québec resident, you’ll have to complete a TP-1.R-V adjustment request form and mail it to Revenu Québec to adjust your Québec return.

I can’t use ReFILE, how do I change my return?

Even if you can’t use ReFILE, you can still amend your federal return online by using the Change my return (CMR) service that’s available through your CRA My Account. The CMR service allows you to securely make online adjustments to your returns from the past 10 years. Visit the CRA website to find out if you can use the CMR service.

If you can’t change your return online, you'll need to mail the T1 adjustment request form or send a signed letter to the CRA with details of the changes you’re requesting (including year of return to be changed, social insurance number, address, and phone number). You’ll need to mail all supporting documents for the change to your designated tax centre, including all documents from your original assessment that you didn’t send to the CRA when you originally filed your return (this can be receipts for expenses, forms, any other documents you have to support you the changes you want to make).

To find your designated tax centre, visit the CRA and Revenu Québec websites:

Keep in mind, online changes to your return usually take 2 weeks and mailed change requests can take much longer

Ready to ReFILE your return? File confidently with H&R Block’s Do It Yourself Tax Software! Feeling a little unsure about making your adjustments? Don’t worry! H&R Block has additional features such as Remote Tax Expert, Ask a Tax Expert and Expert Review to make filing your return a breeze, or make an appointment and come in to the closest H&R Block office to you!

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