Get the 411 on your T4 slip.

February 16, 2023

You’ve got mail and it’s likely your T4, as the deadline for employers to mail them out is the last day of February. Each year you receive a Statement of Remuneration Paid – aka your T4 – which indicates how much you were paid during a tax year (yay!) and how much income tax was deducted (sigh). If you had more than one job in a year, you’ll receive a T4 slip from each employer. Employers will mail your T4 to you, upload it to a secure site, or for those working in-office, you might get it handed directly to you.

How do you decipher your T4.

When your T4 arrives, you’ll recognize some things like your name and the name of your employer, but the rest may seem unfamiliar – what exactly does it mean to be exempt from CPP, EI and PPIP? Why are there so many line numbers? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Click here to check out our handy guide to help you read your T4 and understand what it all means.

We’ve designed this version of the T4 so you can learn and understand what every box on your T4 slip represents. Simply hover over the section and details about the box will pop up at the top.

Still have questions? A Tax Expert at H&R Block can help you understand your T4 slip. Choose from one of four convenient ways to file: File in an Office, Drop-off at an Office, Remote Tax Expert, or Do It Yourself Tax Software.

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