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What filing method is right for you?


While every person’s tax situation is unique, there’s one thing we all have in common: we want to maximize our refund and claim every tax credit and deduction we’re entitled to. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s easier than ever for Canadians to get what’s theirs – and it doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful or costly. Whether you’re confident in filing your own return or don’t even know where to start, H&R Block has your (tax) back with filing options for all types of scenarios and lifestyles.

Do it Yourself with Our Online Software

If your situation is simple, it’s a great time to give our online software a shot. Filing online means you can do so at your own pace. Plus, tax software has never been easier to use. Step-by-step guidance, online tutorials, help forums and live agents, make even the most timid first-time filers feel confident throughout the process. Plus, if you need extra assistance, a tax professional can review your claim online or over the phone with an Expert Review. Best of all, after completing your first online return, the next time you file there’s the option to quickly import last year’s return with a simple click. Meaning, if your tax situation is like last year’s, you can fast-track the process. Hallelujah!

Easy Drop Off

Always on-the-go? Don’t let lack of time get in the way of filing a return. Gather your slips and receipts, find an H&R Block location near you and our Tax Experts will do the rest. Once your return is completed they’ll schedule a quick appointment to review the details with you and then you’re all done!


Some tax scenarios are inevitably more complicated than others. If you’re self-employed or are new to Canada for example, you may require a tax professional to ensure you don’t miss out on important tax credits or deductions. When you visit one of H&R Block’s 1,100 locations you’ll get a personalized interview and free estimate before we get started. Plus, this year we have Online Appointments which allow you to book your appointment from your smart phone at an office and time of your choice.

Regardless of the process, it’s important for every Canadian to file a return. However, keep in mind that filing isn’t always the end of the process. Did you know that 31 per cent of Canadians have had their taxes reassessed? The good news is that H&R Block offers the option of adding peace of mind no matter how you choose to file. Meaning, if you’re being audited or reassessed, you can count on a tax professional to help you through the process, every step of the way, or purchase Peace Of Mind.

Should you have any questions about what filing process is right for you, H&R Block Tax Experts are always available to discuss these options further with you. For more information, visit one of H&R Block’s offices or online at