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The Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has announced that claims for the Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit won’t be processed until the following legislation has been enabled - “Bill C-8: Economic and Fiscal Update Implementation Act, 2021”. The CRA hasn’t indicated how long it would likely take for it to be passed. Clients who are filing with this credit have 2 options: 1) You can file your tax return with the credit in place, however, the Canada Revenue Agency will put your return on hold until Bill C-8 has passed. 2) You can file your Tax Return without applying the credit, and once the Bill C-8 passes, you can REFILE. To remove the Credit answer “No” to the question "Are you a teacher or early childhood educator who bought teaching supplies?" under PREPARE- REQUIRED - Special Situations.

I’m using the auto-fill option, but my marital status has changed, how do I update this information?

If you’re using the auto-fill option and your marital status has changed, you’ll need to start a new return as this field can’t be edited when carrying over your previous information. Don’t forget to also update your marital status with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as your information must match what the CRA has on file in order to be able to NETFILE.

I’d like to mail in my return, where do I send it?

If you choose to mail in your return, you must print the file and send it in to the Canada Revenue Agency office closest to you. Winnipeg Tax Centre: Post Office Box 14000, Station Main, Winnipeg MB R3C 3M2 | Local and long-distance calls: 1-800-461-1806 | Fax: 1-833-494-1381 (For T1, T2 and T3 returns). Jonquière Tax Centre: 2251 René-Lévesque Blvd, Jonquière QC G7S 5J2 | Local and long-distance calls:1-855-699-4640 | Fax: 1-833-474-0425 (For T1, T2 returns).

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