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Do I need to pay before I NETFILE?

All packages allow you to start for free, meaning you can work through your entire return and enter all your information without having to pay up front. However, packages are priced based on return complexity; the slips you enter in the software will determine which package you fall under. If you’ve been recommended the deluxe or premier option, this means that your return likely doesn’t qualify for the free software package, and you’ll need to purchase the recommended package before you can NETFILE your return.

How do I report COVID-19 Benefit repayments?

If you had COVID-19 Benefit repayments, you would have received a T4E slip. Depending on the amounts in boxes 26 and 30, questions will populate in the software, and you’ll need to answer these questions and fill in the amounts.

What should I do if I received the error message “OOPS an error has occurred/Unable to NETFILE Error 15”?

If you received this message, it’s likely due to the high volume of returns Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is receiving at this time. Please don’t try to file your return more than the allotted 5 tries or you’ll be locked out of your NETFILE account. If you’ve been locked out, you’ll need to call the CRA and ask them to unlock it.

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