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Where can I find the closest H&R Block office?
Where can I find the office hours for specific H&R Block offices?
How do I book an appointment to file my taxes at an H&R Block office?
I have tax related questions about my return, who do I contact?
I received a Notice of Assessment (NOA)/ NOR, who do I contact?
When are Trillium benefits paid?
How do I contact Canada Revenue Agency?
I’d like to file my taxes, but I haven’t received all my slips yet, what should I do?
Easy Drop-Off
How are the fees for Instant Refund calculated?
How do I know what slips to bring when filing my taxes?
How is the price of filing my return determined, and will I be provided an estimate beforehand?
I have moved since filing my taxes last year, do I need to update my information with CRA?
The Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit.
Can I NetFile CRA and paper file RQ or visa versa?
I cannot Netfile my RQ return as it says it is not available yet. Can I file my CRA Return?

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