If you’re a student, then the T2202A Textbooks, Tuition, Education and Textbook mounts Certificate certifies your eligibility for full-time education and textbook amounts at a post-secondary level, and indicates the maximum amounts you can claim. In Québec students also receive a Relevé 8.

To qualify for the full-time education textbook amounts, your program must be at least three consecutive weeks with a minimum of 10 hours of instruction or work on a weekly basis (excluding studying). If your institution isn’t in Canada, you must be enrolled for at least three consecutive weeks in a bachelor’s degree course or higher. If you have a disability preventing you from full-time enrolment, then you can enrol part-time and make a full-time claim if you’re eligible for a disability amount.

In Canada, the T2202A forms or official tax receipts are usually available by the third week of February for the tuition paid in the previous calendar year.