What is a T2036 Provincial Foreign Tax Credit form?

A T2036 Provincial Foreign Tax Credit form is used to calculate a non-business foreign tax credit that you can deduct from your income tax payable to the province/territory you lived in at the end of the year. Non-business credits can include pension income, employment income, director's fees, commissions, interest, dividends and some taxable capital gains. Before completing the T2036, calculate your federal foreign tax credit by using form T2209- Federal Foreign Tax Credits. If the amount of federal foreign tax credit you're entitled to deduct is equal to the foreign non-business tax you paid, then your tax credit will be zero and you don't have to complete the T2036 form. You must complete a separate form for each foreign country that you paid over $200 in taxes, for non-business purposes. This form doesn't apply to residents of Quebec or Manitoba residents who are subject to a minimum tax.

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