Students: end your school day with a payday


Whether you’re a full or part-time student, you are entitled to receive unique credits that help offset the cost of your education. These credits help reduce the amount of taxes you owe at the end of the year. If you don’t use all your credits for that year, you can carry them forward or transfer them to a spouse or parent. Unfortunately, the federal government eliminated education and textbook amounts in 2017 meaning you won’t be able to claim them on your 2019 tax return. The good news? There are still federal credits for tuition fees, and you’ll still be able to carry forward unused education/textbook amounts from previous years. The education amount can also still be claimed in some provinces.

While these changes will have an impact on what you and your family can claim, we’re here to make sure you get all the credits you deserve. In 2019, our Tax Experts helped students ace their taxes: when they filed with us, students received an average refund of over $1,100.*

Here’s what you need to know for filing your 2019 taxes:

Federal Education and textbook credits cancelled

Before 2017, a full-time student going to school for 9 months would have been able to claim education/textbook amounts of $4,185. If they claimed the full $4,185, this would have resulted in tax savings of $628. This is now no longer available from the federal government.

Provincial Education and tuition amount changes:

British Columbia: Education credit Eliminated

The education amount has been eliminated for 2019. However, you can still claim tuition fees. And you can still claim unused education amounts from previous years.

Alberta: Both Tuition and Education Credits may be Claimed for One Last Time

You can still claim tuition fees and the education amount on your 2019 return. However, they will both be eliminated for 2020. You will still be able to carry forward unused amounts from previous years.

Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Manitoba: Both Tuition and Education credit Remain

The provincial tuition and education amount may still be claimed in these provinces.

Ontario and Saskatchewan: Both Education and Tuition Credits eliminated

Ontario and Saskatchewan eliminated both the provincial education and tuition amounts in, 2017. If you’ve got any unused credits from previous years, you are still able to carry them forward.

New Brunswick: Tuition Credits Restored

New Brunswick eliminated both the provincial education credit and the credit for tuition fees in 2017. However, the tuition credit has been restored for 2019. In addition, you will also be able to claim tuition credits for 2017 and 2018 on your 2019 return. However, the education credit has not been restored.


Our Tax Experts are trained to ensure students maximize any new or unused credits and get every eligible deduction available, because we know bigger tax breaks mean better spring breaks for you.

As a full-time student, you can file for just $39.99 + filing fee.† Find an office near you, or let our Online Tax Software handle all the changes for you.



* Average is based on all student returns prepared at H&R Block company owned locations in Canada during January 1st to April 30th, 2019 for the 2018 tax year for regular tax returns. The average refund amount calculated for students was over $1,106 for students who were entitled to a refund; cannot be guaranteed and varies based on each individual tax situation. Of all students who filed their taxes in a company owned H&R Block location 85% had a positive refund amount.  

†Valid for Basic, Typical or Intermediate return preparation only. To qualify, student must present either (i) a T2202A documenting 4 or more months of full-time attendance at a college or university during the applicable tax year or (ii) a valid high school ID card. Students pay $99.99 + filing fee for Advanced or Complex return. Valid only at participating locations. H&R Block Instant Refund™ service not included. See for details.