Refer your friends and get up to $200.

Plus they'll save on their tax preparation fee.


File with an expert

File with the help of one of our experts, and you can save a friend $25 on their return while pocketing $25 yourself.

File with our tax software

File using our tax software and you can give a friend 10% off, plus you get paid $10.

How it works.

File your taxes

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File with an Expert

  • File in
    an office

    Meet with a Tax Expert to discuss and file your return in person.

  • Drop in and drop off

    Stop by an office to drop off your documents with a Tax Expert.

  • Remote Tax Expert

    Upload your documents remotely and a Tax Expert will file your taxes.

File Yourself

  • Do it yourself with our tax software

    A simple way to file taxes online. We'll be here to help if you need us.

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