H&R Block: Strengthening our Canadian communities.

Strengthening our community.

H&R Block Builders

While many people count on us to deliver affordable tax services, we're also hard at work supporting our communities. From our national partnership with Breakfast for Learning to food drives, every hour and every effort helps build stronger communities, one block at a time.

Breakfast for learning.

In Canada, 1 in 6 children live in poverty, making access to nutritious food difficult and putting them at risk of falling behind in school and in life.

Since 1992 Breakfast for Learning has helped serve over 594 million meals to over 3.8 million children and youth across Canada. In 2015, H&R Block Canada raised $152,306 for Breakfast for Learning. Since we began donating in 2012 we have raised over $240,000, providing over 185,000 meals and snacks, and lots of good grades too, to children across Canada.

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We offer expertise to the people in our community - but we have plenty of time for them too. In 2014, we donated over 15,000 hours nationally to a number of initiatives ranging from local shelters to not-for-profit boards of directors and local rotary clubs. In 2015 our goal was even higher and our amazing employees donated over 25,900 hours of their time. As a proud, committed and engaged organization, we want to do everything we can to make our communities healthier, happier and stronger.


When Canadians have goals, we help them achieve them. We're here to keep the spirit of sport alive and well in our communities.

Team H&R Block.

Teamwork is a big part of our culture, which is why our Team H&R Block is such an inspiring initiative for us. Established in 2006, Team H&R Block is a semi-pro racing team committed to promoting cycling across Canada. Featuring young riders from the National Team and Provincial Champions who want to race at elite levels, we help develop them by teaching teamwork while promoting the sport of cycling. For more information, please see www.teamhrblock.ca.

H&R Block Pro Cycling Team