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Our unique products have all of the forms you need, regardless of your tax or income situation. The only thing missing will be the frustration you used to feel when doing your taxes.

Expert Help Centre

If you have questions, that's okay--most people do. Our Expert Help Centre has hundreds of articles to simplify which credits you're eligible for and how to claim them.

Step-by-Step Guidance

We'll guide you every step of the way. When you file, you'll be confident that you didn't miss any applicable credits or deductions so you don't leave any money on the table.

Safe & Secure

We know you're trusting us with your most private information. Our rigorous security protocols and checks always keep your information safe and secure no matter where, when, or how you complete your return.

Past Return Import

Being diligent is good; wasting time is not. Simply import some of the key information from last year's return and finish your taxes in less time.

Quick Slip Entry - NEW

Our software only asks for the slips you need, so you can search, add and enter all of your information in one easy to use location.

Auto Fill My Return - NEW

File your return faster and more accurately with Auto Fill My Return. Download your tax slips, RRSP information and carry forward amounts directly from the government right into your return.

Tax Tips

This personalized list of tips will ensure you've claimed everything you're entitled to before filing.

Tax Review - NEW

Download and review the official government PDF of your tax return prior to filing.

Refund Review - NEW

An educational review of the information you entered and how it affected your refund.

Chat Support

If you have a burning question, use our online chat feature to get an answer from an expert on our support team.

Phone Support

Can't find a credit? Stuck on one frustrating form? You can give us a call and someone from our Support Team will talk you through it.

Audit Protection

If you are audited, you can count on one of our Tax Experts to help you through the process--we're by your side every step of the way.

Return Storage

Never go searching for an old return again. We'll store a digital copy of your return for 7 years.

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