What will you pay at an H&R Block office?

Our trained Tax Experts will review and assess your individual tax situation so that we can give you an accurate fee quote at no charge - before we even begin your tax return.

All prices include our H&R Block Advantage:

The Maximum Tax Refund Guarantee

We look for every deduction and credit so you can get your maximum refund1.

Year-Round Service

Get our full range of services almost any time of the year.

Audit Protection

We'll also provide assistance within a year of purchase if the CRA or Revenu Québec audits your return - at no extra cost to you.

Ways to pay for your tax refund:

When it comes to paying for your tax preparation, one size doesn't fit all. That's why we're excited to give you three convenient ways to pay.

H&R Block Pay with Refund2

You don't have to pay for your tax preparation out of pocket when you file with us. If you prefer, we'll deduct the fees directly from your refund. Once your tax refund is received, we can load the balance of your refund on an H&R Block Advantage Prepaid Visa® Card, or deliver it directly to you via direct deposit or INTERAC® e-Transfer - the choice is yours. Learn more

Instant Cash Back®

With Instant Cash Back®3, you could get your tax refund instantly. Once we prepare your tax return and verify how much your refund is, you can choose to have your refund loaded onto an H&R Block Advantage Prepaid Visa® Card or as a cheque. Learn more

Other Ways to Pay

Want to just pay with cash, debit or credit card?

Go right ahead. While we offer other new ways to pay, we're happy to have you pay in a more traditional way too.

Visit us to maximize your tax refund1.

Ways to receive your tax refund:

With Instant Cash Back®3, you could get your tax refund instantly.

Have your tax refund loaded onto an H&R Block Advantage Card. Use it, reload it year after year, and love it. It's just another way we make getting your refund as convenient as possible.

Pay no tax preparation fees upfront, we'll simply deduct your tax preparation fees when we receive your tax refund.

CRA Cheque or Direct Deposit

We'll submit your return to the CRA and they'll send a cheque to your home or direct deposit to your personal bank account, usually within 8-14 days for current year returns.

Come in today and get your maximum tax refund1.

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