H&R Block Canada: Offering tax filing services for Canadian military.

Our special thanks for your service.

Whether you like to come into an office, or do your taxes yourself by filing online or downloading our software, you can save with H&R Block this tax season. Your exclusive offers could help you save!

File In An Office And Get 25% Off!

As a Military member, you and your partner will receive 25%* off your 2016 tax preparation fee starting from $69.99+filing fee. To redeem, you must bring in a coupon. 1 coupon per tax return.

Expert tax filing for military service members.

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H&R Block Canada: Tax filing for Canadian military members.

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It's easy, accurate and free. Plus, Military associates and their partners also receive 25%** off any H&R Block Online Tax Software paid products with promo code: MILITARY16TAKE25