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H&R Block has over 10,000 tax professionals who are trained annually in all the latest tax law changes - including the NEW tax breaks for Canadian Families which could allow you to claim up to an additional $2000 3 more on your tax return.

Here's what to expect when you visit an H&R Block office:

Step 1

Personal tax interview about your tax

Step 2

A free estimate

Step 3

Preparing your return and signing all forms

Step 4

Options on how to pay for your tax

Step 5

Efiling your tax return
to the CRA

Before you come in, let us help you get started with our easy to follow checklist.

H&R Block for life.

From your first born and first job to your first year after retirement, H&R Block Tax Professionals can help you at any stage of life.

H&R Block can help you with the following tax returns:


Capital Gains

Rental income

Deceased and Trust

We don't want you to have to think about your taxes - at all.

That's why at H&R Block we offer services that simplify and streamline the process, from start to finish.

Each tax return requires our tax pros to understand your personal tax situation. Once we've done an interview with you, we'll give you a free quote based on the complexity of your return.

Instant Cash Back® 4

With our Instant Cash Back service, you can walk in with your taxes and walk out with your money - all in one convenient visit. No waiting. No worrying. Learn more

Our Tax Pros get you the most back.

Our H&R Block Tax Professionals start the process with an in-depth tax interview so we understand all the details of your tax return. With over one hundred of hours of training, your H&R Block Tax Professional is prepared for every tax situation and each question you have.

Our Advantage is your Advantage

There's a reason people come back to us year after year. It's called the H&R Block Advantage.

This philosophy includes everything from advice on life changes and tax preparation to audit assistance and business services. You give your paperwork - and we give you peace of mind.

The H&R Block Advantage gives you:

Maximum Refund
Guarantee 2

Comprehensive audit

Year-round service

Let's get started.

With over 600 offices across Canada - open nights and weekends, we're here for you when you need us.

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