Audit Representation.

Over 2 million* Canadians get assessed every year. We’ve got you covered if it happens to you.


Rest assured we can help you prepare for a tax audit or reassessment.

No matter how accurately you complete your return, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or Revenu Québec (RQ) may still review and audit your return. With our Audit Representation service, we’ll be by your side if the government disputes your refund or the amount you owe.

We'll be there for you throughout the process.

At 75.00 per hour, H&R Block will:

  • Work on your behalf and respond to the CRA/RQ on any assessment/audit.
  • Provide a qualified Senior H&R Block Tax Expert to represent you.

Bring us your letter from the CRA/RQ and we'll get started.

If you need to get another copy of the letter that was mailed to you then you can do so by logging into CRA's My Account or use MyCRA, the CRA's mobile app, to view assessments issued after February 9th, 2015.