Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions you may have.

  • What types of returns can I prepare with H&R Block's Online tax program?

    H&R Block's Online tax program is designed to prepare just about any tax return. Our program allows you to prepare simple and complex returns, including personal, small business, farming, trucking, fishing and rentals. If you have a complex tax return that requires our support, talk to an H&R Block Tax Professional in one of our 1,200 locations across Canada.

  • How long will it take me to prepare my tax return?

    This depends on how much information you have to enter. You don't have to finish your tax return in one single session. You can pause at any time, save your information and finish later.

  • Can I file my tax return electronically?

    With NETFILE, the Canada Revenue Agency's electronic method for submitting your tax return electronically, you can file your return directly to the CRA without leaving the H&R Block Online tax program. Each year, our Online tax software is certified for Netfiling by the CRA and Revenu Québec.

  • What is NETFILE?

    NETFILE is a FREE, secure electronic tax-filing option that is provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that allows you to file your tax return online, if you're using a NETFILE-certified product like H&R Block's Online Tax Program.
    When you use NETFILE, you:

    • Can get your refund fast - in as few as 8 business days
    • Save paper because you won't need to print off your tax return
    • Get immediate confirmation that the CRA has received your return
    • Prevent inaccuracies because the CRA won't need to re-key your data
    So you can put away your pen and paper and submit your tax return electronically - quickly, confidently and accurately.

  • Are there any restrictions to filing my tax return electronically?

    Our H&R Block Online tax program does not set any restrictions on the electronic filing of tax returns to the CRA, however, there are NETFILE restrictions imposed by the CRA. Please visit the CRA's NETFILE site to see if you qualify to NETFILE.

  • Can I prepare my Québec TP1 return with H&R Block Online tax program?

    Certainly. If you indicate that you were a Québec resident on December 31 of the tax year, you will be prompted, in the course of the interview, to provide Québec information that is different from federal information. You can always enter different Québec information by clicking the "fleur-de-lis" icon near the top of the screen.
    If you're a Québec resident, H&R Block's Online tax program will help you prepare your Québec tax return together with your federal tax return, at no extra charge.

  • Can I prepare my Québec TP1 return electronically?

    Yes, similar to submitting your tax return electronically to the Canada Revenue Agency with NETFILE, you can also submit the TP1 return electronically through Revenu Québec's web service, directly from our Online tax program.

  • What are the system requirements for using H&R Block’s Online tax program?

    You can use H&R Block's Online tax program with any Mac or Windows computer or a tablet that has one of the latest versions of the following Internet browsers:

    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Safari

    All Internet browsers must have 128-bit encryption, cookies, and JavaScript enabled.

    You should also have a PDF reader (free download) to display your tax return in PDF format. If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free at

Call 1-800-HRBLOCK (1-800-472-5625) to speak with an H&R Block digital tax support specialist or complete this form to email us your questions.

† With the exclusion of Harmonized AgriStability/AgriInvest programs (Form T1273) and Statement of Partnership Income (Form T5013).
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