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We'll review up to three past years of your filed tax returns to ensure you claimed all the deductions and credits you were entitled to. If you missed anything, H&R Block can file an adjustment and get you back the money you missed.* If you'd like a Second Look during some of our peak periods, you can drop your information off and we'll follow up with you when we've finished reviewing your return(s).


Why get a Second Look?

It's worth getting us to review your previous returns. In fact, we found errors on a third of tax returns prepared by others.**


How it Works


Call us or visit an H&R Block location to learn more about getting a free Second Look.


*Adjustment and/or tax preparation fees may apply. Review of unfiled tax returns may incur an additional fee. Offer valid at participating locations. Offer not valid for tax returns prepared by H&R Block.
**Based on H&R Block's participation in a Canadian documentary television series. In 2011 H&R Block examined 115 tax returns prepared for families in Aldergrove, BC and found errors on 32% of the returns. In 2012, H&R Block checked 86 returns for families in Bowmanville, ON and found errors on 40.6% of returns. Samples may not be representative of a particular population.
† Valid only for a Second Look review on an individual tax return for the current year and previous three years. Excludes returns prepared by H&R Block. Additional fees apply if you have us prepare a corrected or amended return.
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