We're proud to offer a wide range of innovative tax products and services to meet your personal and business needs, no matter how complex they are. We provide personal tax services to students, seniors, military personnel, and expatriates, allowing you to conveniently file your tax return online or get full support from one of our dedicated H&R Block Tax Professionals.

Student Taxes

With a $39.99 price and a
free SPC Card for students,
there's never been a better
time to file your tax return
with H&R Block.

Instant Cash Back

Enjoy one-stop convenience
with Instant Cash Back®.
Walk in with your taxes
and walk out with
your money.

Advantage Card

With our H&R Block
Advantage Prepaid
Visa® Card, you can have
instant access to your
tax refund.

FREE Second LookSM

We'll review your past
tax returns for FREE to
find money others may
have missed.

Pay Account Later

With our Pay Account Later
(PAL) product, you can
have your tax return
done without paying any
out of pocket fees.

Block Advantage

All the services.
All the support.
We guarantee it.

Audit Assistance

We've got you covered.
As our client, should you
be audited, we'll help you
deal with the CRA at no
extra cost.

U.S. Taxes

If you're a Canadian
resident travelling or living outside the country or a U.S. citizen living in Canada, we can help with your U.S. tax needs.

Small Business

Our affordable
bookkeeping and payroll
services for small business
start with a FREE


We proudly support the men and women in Canadian military service with unique tax programs and services, ongoing support, and
exclusive discounts.

Do It Yourself

If you prefer the DIY
approach, we offer desktop
and cloud-based software
to help you file quickly,
easily, and securely.

Office Locator

Office Locator

File your taxes at
an office near you.

What To Bring

What To Bring

Our personal tax checklist will get you prepared for your visit.

Get our checklist PDF
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Get Expert Advice

Have questions? Our Tax Experts have the answer.

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