How Instant Cash Back® works

To get Instant Cash Back®, just bring your tax information, including T4s and other tax receipts into an H&R Block office and tell us that you'd like Instant Cash Back®. One of our H&R Block Tax Professionals will review your information to determine if you qualify for the service. We'll then prepare your tax return and verify how much money you have coming back from the Canada Revenue Agency. You can choose to have your refund loaded instantly onto an H&R Block Advantage Prepaid Visa® Card or take a cheque.

Instant Cash Back® fees

While you'll have cash back in minutes, Instant Cash Back® often doesn’t cost more than other refund methods and there are no out of pocket fees. Instant Cash Back® fees, which are outlined by Federal Government of Canada laws, dictate that you're charged 15% on the first $300 and then 5% on the rest. Backed by our year-round support and Maximum Refund Guarantee, Instant Cash Back® is another valuable part of the H&R Block Advantage.

Instant Cash Back Fees
*Based on a $600 refund, the amount you'll receive from H&R Block is $540. For the first $300 of your $600 refund,
you’ll pay 15% or $45. On the remaining $300 you’ll pay 5% or $15.

Call us or visit an H&R Block location to discuss Instant Cash Back®. Use our Office Locator to help you find the office nearest you.

At participating offices. Instant Cash Back® valid only on the federal portion of tax returns filed in Quebec. Some restrictions apply.
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